Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: It depends on the circumstance and time frame given for the balance to be paid.

Answer: Yes we do

Answer: You need to purchase the admission form, fill it out, return it and get a date for your child to sit for an entrance examination.

Answer: An admission form can be obtained at the accounts office at a fee of 10,000.00 for secondary and 5,000.00 for the primary via online payments (with receipts as evidence) or cash transactions. Forms can also be downloaded from our site.

Answer: payments can be made to any of the school’s bank accounts or by transfer. Please check our accounts page for further details.

Answer: There is a discount ONLY on the fourth child of the same parents. The previous three children must have passed through our school.

Answer: Tuition, uniforms, text books and stationery. Transport is optional and lunch is optional ONLY for pupils in kindergarten up to grade 5.

Answer: Yes we do.

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